MMCC Pastor: Rev. Earl E. Roberts
Pastor: Earl Roberts
Our Pastor, the Reverend Earl Roberts, came to our Church by way of New York City. He is a competent teacher and and animated preacher with an abiding fidelity to the word of God, and the ability to make the complex understandable.

Earl is married to Beverley, his wife of 31 years, and they are blessed with (and bemused by) one child, a 19 year old boy, Kenaz.
Holy Resistance
There is almost always holy resistance when God moves the Church to the threshold of something new.
I call it “Holy Resistance”, because it is usually done by good Christian folk, with the best of intentions, and the best interests of the Church at heart.
However, they are usually mistaken, and just a step or two behind the present move of God.
Of course, we are not here contemplating sinful behaviors, nor are we speaking referring to unsound, unbalanced and unscriptural principles based on faulty exegesis.
No, we are talking about the church’s ability to discern the next move of the Spirit and move with the cloud of His glory - perhaps in ways that we had not been used to in the past.
We serve an infinitely creative and contemporary God! He is always up to something new!  Something that is sure to  thrill His church, to glorify His name, and to burnish His reputation amongst the people of the world.
At the time, you and I may feel (as the doctors say before the needle) “a little discomfort”, and like John and Peter, we may be tempted to say, “Not so, Lord.”

What We Nearly Missed
If John had had his way, he would have missed the sight of the Holy Spirit descending on Jesus (which identified Him as The One); he would have missed the affirmation of his life and ministry from God the Son, in the flesh.
Peter’s misplaced zeal would have had Jesus skip the cross, and with it God’s plan for the atoning sacrifice of His Son for our sin. 
Again, Peter’s rigid religious piety could have hampered the spread of the gospel to the non-Jewish world.  I may not know the Lord today if Peter had had his way!
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